Toyota Hybrid Batteries | Everything You Need To Know

What Is A Toyota Hybrid Battery?

A Hybrid Battery is an ensemble of cells rechargeable type, with the ability to transform stored chemical energy into electrical energy used to drive hybrid cars’ electric motor.

Nowadays, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMH) have replaced Lead-acid batteries because they pollute less and are more efficient.

An advantage of Ev Batteries is that they are less affected by the Memory Effect.
In a brief explanation: The Memory Effect reduces the useful life of the battery, by reducing the charge capacity of the batteries, generates an incomplete charge.

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Can A Toyota Hybrid Run Without Hybrid Battery?

There are two possible scenarios in which you are faced with operating your hybrid without the hybrid battery. First, there’s a chance that you’ve been running at low speeds continuously for some time and thus the hybrid battery has come close to full discharge. Before it does, however, the system will make the switch to gasoline power, regardless of speed. It will then recharge itself using energy from the gasoline engine.

Alternatively, and worse, your hybrid battery could conceivably run out of power while you have no gasoline in the tank. Should this happen, the battery will go to full discharge and will likely require a technician to restart it.

Keep in mind that as the car begins to demonstrate check engine light with hybrid battery replacement codes, the vehicle will eventually reach a period where it will not start anymore since the hybrid battery will deteriorate.

Does The Toyota Hybrid Battery Influence The Fuel Economy On The Vehicle?

Absolutely, it does. When the hybrid battery is working properly, it takes the burden from the gasoline engine and means you are not using gasoline from the tank. Therefore, a malfunctioning hybrid battery will have great impact on the fuel economy of your vehicle. The more you rely on your gas engine, especially at lower speeds, the more gasoline you will use up.

When Is It Time To Consider Change The Hybrid Battery?

If you get a “Check Engine” light, the first thing to do is visit the auto shop and have them run diagnostics on the car using their OBD II scanner. The main code your mechanic might expect is P0A80.

What To Expect When The Power Control Module (Pcm) Stores A Code:

When the powertrain diagnostic trouble code (P0A80) appears, it is primarily referring to many hybrid electric cars. This Powertrain Diagnostic CODE (P0A80) appears on Hybrid gas / electric vehicles. That can include Toyota Prius, Camry RAV4, etc. A P0A80 code is stored, indicates that the powertrain control module (PCM) has detected a fault in the hybrid vehicle’s battery command system.

The code indicates that a vulnerable cell failure has occurred in the hybrid battery. A malfunction warning on your vehicle’s dashboard will activate a warning light. The vehicle will lose power, or in some cases, the car will not start. The solution to the problem is to replace the hybrid battery.

In most cases, these hybrid vehicles use nickel-metal hydride battery packs. Battery packs consist of modules that are connected by busbar connector sections with harnesses.

The battery module pack comes with a 6500mAh Ni-MH battery module with a series of cells 7.2 VOLTS.

For example, twenty-eight individual modules with a voltage of 7.2VOLTS each make up a standard HV battery pack for a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery.

What Does P0A80 Mean? And Why Is The Code P0A80 Displayed On The OBD Scanner?

This OBD code indicates that a weak cell failure has occurred in the hybrid battery pack. This malfunction indicates that the battery is soon, perhaps imminently about to fail.

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of The P0A80 Code?

There are several possible causes, typically a defective HV battery, cell, or battery pack. Other problems could be a broken HVBMS sensor, or excessive cell resistance in one of the cells. Even an improperly working fan on the battery pack can lead to the error, as can loose or corroded busbar connectors. This is why you will need an expert to help determined the exact nature of the malfunction.

Can I Drive My Hybrid Vehicle With The Code P0A80?

If it hasn’t failed you already, then technically yes, you can. But don’t forget what we said above. The error often means that the battery is close to failure.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Dead Or Dying Hybrid Battery?

Look out for these signs

Symptom 1: Reduced Fuel Efficiency. If you’re topping up the gas more often than normal, then it means the battery is not pulling the weight that it should be.

Symptom 2: Uneven Battery Discharge. Is the battery running down a lot faster than it used to? This is a classic sign the battery is no longer holding its charge.

Symptom 3: Warning Lights. Your dash will display warning lights instructing you to check the hybrid powertrain. This could be among the first signs that something is wrong.

Just remember that it’s not always the end of the road for a hybrid battery. “Rebirth” is possible!
Hybrid Battery Error Code

What Happens When The Toyota Hybrid Battery Dies?

Once you have confirmed that the problem with your vehicle is due to a Hybrid battery cell failure, you will not be able to drive your vehicle for a long time. The battery pack will start to debilitate due to a low voltage on one or more cells in the modules.

The two most viable options you have are to replace your Toyota Prius battery pack with a new Hybrid Battery or a reconditioned hybrid battery.

Is there An Alternative To Hybrid Battery Car Replacement?

Those who are worried about the potential expense of a brand-new battery in their hybrid car needn’t be. An elegant solution exists that is also more in line with the eco-friendly spirit of hybrid cars. What is that? Hybrid battery reconditioning. In short, this process restores batteries to working condition in a more cost-effective and sustainable manner, allowing you to continue using that battery and avoid the expense and hassle of buying a brand-new one.

How Hybrid Battery Charge?

Hybrid Batteries – Lazarus Reconditioning technicians will remove your failed battery pack from your vehicle. The pack is then broken down into its component modules, which are individually tested for structural integrity. The modules are then repeatedly discharged and recharged using a patented state of the art equipment. Modules are then assembled into new packs by a computerized process that balances the modules and pairs them for optimum efficiency.

Can All Hybrid Batteries Be Reconditioned?

Unfortunately, no they can’t. One of the most notable examples for which the above process invariably doesn’t work is Honda. Unlike their compatriot rival Toyota, Honda batteries do not accept this process in the same way. You will have to consult with a battery reconditioning specialist to be sure that your hybrid model can accept this process. The good new for Toyota owners is that this process has a huge rate of success.

Reconditioned Battery For Toyota Hybrid Models

What Are The Benefits Of A Hybrid Battery Reconditioning?

There are a number of key benefits to favoring reconditioning over hybrid battery replacement:

1.Environmental Protection: As much as hybrid and electric cars help the environment, the batteries themselves are sometimes the source of some debate because of their required materials. It’s the materials that are also partially responsible for the relatively higher price of hybrid cars and components. Reconditioning is essentially a form of recycling, and therefore a far greener solution.

2. It Repairs as Well as Recharges: The process is more than just a fancy way of recharging a battery. It’s about restoring and replenishing a battery’s capacity. You can almost think of it like turning back the clock on your battery.

Is Hybrid Batteries’ Reconditioning Covered Under Warranty?

You may be wondering if your reconditioned hybrid battery will get its own warranty. Yes, it will. We offer a great deal with a one-year warranty and unlimited mileage.

Installation Service

Unlike the majority of hybrid battery providers, we offer a service that includes free installation. We will take out your old battery and replace it with one of our high-quality new or reconditioned hybrid batteries. You only pay for the battery itself.

Can Hybrid Batteries Be Recycled?

In the world of electric cars of all stripes, the main question marks of eco-friendliness tend to fall on the battery technology. Questionable conditions of mines from which the key components are taken lead many to question the real green credentials of the typical hybrid vehicle. In terms of battery recycling, at least, hybrid batteries are certainly green enough. With the right processing, they can be almost entirely recycled.

Researchers from Navigant have found that the main direction of recycling will be repurposing batteries, giving them what they call a “Second Life.”