How Do You Charge a Hybrid Battery?

Utilizing a method of deep discharging, charging and balancing, hybrid battery cells can be reconditioned and formed into new battery packs. Simply recharging the cells, without rebalancing them for optimization, will result in a hybrid battery that will not operate at peak efficiency. The method of deep discharging, charging, and balancing cells is known as hybrid reconditioning.

How hybrid battery charge?

Lazarus technicians will remove your failed battery pack from your vehicle. The pack is then broken down into its component modules, which are individually tested for structural integrity. The modules are then repeatedly discharged and recharged using a patented state of the art equipment. Modules are then assembled into new packs by a computerized process that balances the modules and pairs them for optimum efficiency.


When does a hybrid battery need to be replaced?

When your vehicle’s hybrid battery begins to fail it sends a distinctive failure code to the PCM (Power Control Module). That message should cause a warning light to show on your dashboard. Fuel consumption will increase, as your vehicle will be operating solely utilizing the gasoline engine, with no assistance from the hybrid system.


Yes, but keep in mind that as the car begins to demonstrate check engine light with hybrid battery replacement codes, the vehicle will eventually reach a period where it will not start anymore since the hybrid battery will deteriorate.

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