You know when a new commercial concept really catches on when its pioneer company name becomes a verb, meaning to do that thing that the company offers. It’s happened for numerous companies in recent years, and one of the most prominent is Uber. With 3 million Uber drivers online in 65 countries around the world as of 2018, with estimates in the US alone ranging from a very conservative 750,000 to a more generous 1.5 million, there’s certainly no shortage for customers to use.

Uber Drivers: Independent in Hybrid Cars

It already pays to be the driver of a hybrid car if you’re driving for Uber these days. They spend an extra 50 cents per ride for those using hybrid vehicles. The company has also pledged that by 2030 they will have 100 percent electric cars in their service. It’s an ambitious goal, but time will tell if they make it to 100 percent in that time. If one of those hybrid drivers is you, then congratulations on your enterprising automotive choices! We don’t know exactly which model you are using, but Toyota seems to be a popular brand choice, probably for their superlative efficiency and reliability. It could also be for the impressive 8-year/100,000-mile warranty offered on the hybrid components, including the battery.

How Long Will Your Hybrid Battery Last?

Why did you become Uber drivers? Independent living, flexible working times, and the chance to work from the uber-comfort of your car, right? Perhaps it’s just the Uber comfort factor of getting to work from a car seat all day. There may be more to it, but while you have these benefits, there is a cost to your car, too. By driving a thousand miles a week or more, you’re adding around 50,000+ miles to your odometer every year!

Can Uber deliver items? If so, you could add even more to your odometer.

Let’s say you’re using a Toyota Prius Hybrid or a Toyota Camry Hybrid, for instance. Both of these have a hybrid battery under warranty for eight years or 100,000 miles for regular use. You’re going to rocket through that time, and that’s assuming it’s not already voided because you’re using your car commercially. Even some exceptional extended warranties or vehicle service contracts are dubious about agreeing to cover rideshare drivers. What’s the solution? It seems you need to have a backup plan in place. Replacing the battery will cost thousands of dollars, possibly thousands that you don’t have. If you’re worried about the prospect of needing a hybrid battery replacement, then fear not. The rather elegant solution is to instead favor the purchase and installation of a reconditioned battery like those from Hybrid batteries-Lazarus Reconditioning.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Battery Reconditioning?

The first and most obvious benefit is in terms of cost. When you’re working on reasonably tight margins and every dollar count, you need to minimize expenses wherever you can. New hybrid batteries in many Toyota Hybrid models, for instance, cost a considerable amount, especially when you return to the dealership:

2012-2016 Toyota Prius V Hybrid- $3,939

2012-2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid – $4,892

2011-2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid – $6,353

Do these sound-like prices you can either afford or would even want to pay if you could avoid it? Even with the “core credit” of $1,350 that you can get back from the dealership in exchange for your old battery pack, the prices still have quite a sting in their tail. Just to compare, you could get a reconditioned Toyota Camry Hybrid battery replacement from Lazarus for $1,500, and that would include installation. Another benefit is that you can be part of contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. Reconditioning encourages reuse, whereas brand-new batteries are just adding more and more components to the marketplace that will eventually require significant recycling efforts. The more we can do to stave off a future where we have an unmanageable surplus of waste batteries, the better. Finally, you may not know this, but using a reconditioned battery in your Uber hybrid car will also feel like a new one. 

The key element in reconditioning a hybrid battery is rebalancing, where voltages are balanced back much closer to the way they were when the battery was new. You might not be able to tell at all that this is a battery that was previously used to the point where it needed to be fixed in this way.

Determining Your Need for Reconditioned Batteries.

Let’s say you’re using a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid as your Uber taxi. You can consider things about your driving habits and your vehicle that should guide you in knowing whether you need or are close to needing replacement hybrid batteries for your car. For example, covering considerable distances in a short time always puts more strain on the components of your car, including the hybrid features. If you have two Toyota RAV4 Hybrids, both with 100,000 miles on the clock, but one of them took six years to get to 100,000, and the other only took one year, then there will be a marked difference in the level of wear and tear. If you are covering a great distance in a short time – as many Uber drivers do – then you need to be aware of the strain on your battery. Another key factor is battery balance. The individual cells’ capacity may diminish at different rates, yet they all still function as parts of the same single battery. The less disparity there is between the various cells, the more balanced and therefore in good health your hybrid battery is. Finally, you should think about when the last time was you got your Hybrid Vehicle serviced, if ever, and when the next time should be. Even missing the seemingly most routine, mundane maintenance can have a knock-on effect. Remember that your car is a hybrid, not an EV. It still has mechanical parts that need regular and proper attention.

Seek Out a Reconditioning Expert.
If you’re worried about the health of your hybrid battery, then work with an experienced expert in the field of reconditioning. Hybrid Batteries – Lazarus Reconditioning can refurbish that level of Uber comfort as you get your battery balance back and save a fortune in the process. In addition, you can allay long-term budget fears by planning and assessing your needs for reconditioned batteries in the future. Finally, every time you buy refurbished as opposed to brand-new is a considerable saving for you. Follow this link to learn more about the innovative work that we do and how we can help you save thousands and become part of the greener solution for hybrid cars in the coming years.