Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid Vs. Acura TLX

Many people are still driving regular cars, perhaps thinking about making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle. What’s stopping them? It could be any number of things, but one is that some feel you don’t get enough cars for the average price of a hybrid or electric vehicle. They would instead put that kind of money into something a bit more “high-end.”
To test this, we’ve prepared this comparison of a top-end Toyota hybrid car, this time the Camry XSE Hybrid, and are pitting against a luxury brand’s high-trim gasoline car. In this case, we’re looking at the Acura TLX with the A-Spec Package. The results may interest you. We compared the two vehicles regarding their fuel efficiency, comfort, performance, and other specifications.

Fuel Efficiency​

As a hybrid model, the Toyota Camry XSE Hybrid has a clear advantage over its Acura competition. Although the Acura TLX can only manage about 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway — still not bad for a luxury sedan, on its FWD model, and 21/29mpg respectively AWD model, the Toyota Camry XSE fairs much better.
The Camry XSE manages an amazing 44mpg in the city and 47mpg on the highway. Moreover, it does all this while riding on stunning 19” gloss-black wheels. This is a vast advantage for the Toyota Camry, a hybrid vehicle that makes luxury sedans more affordable and cheaper to run than ever before.


The price difference between these two cars is quite significant. The Camry XSE starts at $32,720, whereas the Acura TLX with A-Spec starts at $44,250 for the FWD model and $46,250 for the AWD model. For that extra 12,000+ dollars, you’d expect a lot more cars, and Acura certainly delivers. It has to be said that the Acura TLX is a lot plusher than the Camry, but that’s not to say the Camry isn’t comfortable.
Both have leather interiors, but the Acura uses a more sumptuous Nappa leather, whereas the Camry is more of artificial leather. The Acura also has memory seats, a cool-looking flat-bottom steering wheel, authentic metal finishes, and soft-touch materials everywhere. The Camry offers many soft-touch materials, but there are more hints of plastic than in the Acura.
One distinct advantage the Camry does have, however, is interior space. As a result, the Camry XSE feels very roomy and spacious inside compared to the cramped and busy feel of the Acura TLX. The Camry, in total, offers about ten extra cubic feet compared to the Acura. The legroom is also more generous in the Camry, despite the fact that the Acura TLX is a whole 2 inches longer than the Camry.


The Acura is powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine generating 272hp and 280lb-ft of torque. It has a 0 to 60 speed of just 5.9 seconds, but that’s relatively slow compared to similar models from other brands. Even Honda themselves made a faster Accord that doesn’t come with the same inflated price tag.
The Camry XSE comes with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine delivering 206hp and up to 186lb-ft of torque. Despite the reduced horsepower, the Camry gets from 0 to 60 is not much more time than the Acura, getting there in about 7.5 seconds. Though it’s not precisely a racetrack car, this Camry is undoubtedly one of the sportiest hybrid models out there on the market, even giving luxury sport sedans a run for their money in performance.

Overall, it’s hard to deny that the overall specification of the Acura TLX has some distinct advantages over the Camry. As we mentioned above, however, it’s to be expected since it is a premium model and comes with a much larger sticker price. When considering these two, mid-size sedans are still not strictly speaking in the same category; with the Acura falling into the luxury bracket, you can gain some perspective on just how much you are getting for your money Toyota Camry XSE specification.


The Camry is a Lot of Car for Not too Much Money
The Acura is built as a high-end performance vehicle, but the Camry is supposedly more of a day-to-day runaround car. Despite that, it still has the sporty feel, strong performance, robust set of standard features, and safety gear that you expect from Toyotas. It’s, therefore, more than enough car to compete even with a higher-end model like the Acura.
When you’re looking for a premium mid-size sedan, the Camry XSE Hybrid model is a great choice. Of course, if you want to burn up another $10,000, then you could go for the Acura, but we have to question the value when you already get so much in your Camry Hybrid.